For over 30 years Seal Tech has provided Sealcoating and Asphalt surface maintenance to commercial customers in Northeast Ohio. No other company in the Greater Cleveland area can compete with 30+ years of service paired with our passion for customer satisfaction.

Seal Tech offers complete asphalt maintenance services, from small to large projects. Our clients benefit from our extensive expertise. Our experienced technicians are certified applicators in the highest quality Seal Master products, that sets us apart from other contractors in the industry on all product and production procedures. We always say that your parking lot is the welcome mat to your building. Our superior workmanship and attention to detail ensure you will have a beautiful parking lot that you will be proud of.

Freshly sealcoated parking lot
Parking lot sealcoating with ADA compliant line striping

Our Process

  • The entire surface is cleaned with blowers and wire brushes, removing all dirt and debris
  • Prime seal oil, gas and grease spots to ensure bonding of sealer to the surface
  • All cracks (1/4) or larger) are filled with a fast drying, rubberized hot crackfiller that prevents water penetration to the surface
  • Hot/cold patch broken areas as needed
  • All asphalt surfaces are sealed with a coal tar emulsion sealer with sand and polymer additives, to provide proper protection
  • Repair alligator/spiderized areas with a rubberized trowel grade material
  • Barricade entrance to ensure proper curing time after driveway has been sealed

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