Line Striping

Once you have a beautiful new or resurfaced parking lot, the job is not yet complete.  Fresh line striping makes for a striking appearance for your parking lot, however it is also critical for an organized flow of traffic.  Trust Seal Tech to execute a professional line striping job for your business.

We follow a four-step process.

1. Preparation

The first key to success is properly prepping your surface for painting.  We ensure that the surface is clean to allow the paint to properly adhere.  If the surface is not clean you risk paint chipping or washing away.

To have your parking lot striping stand the test of time and hold up to Cleveland’s severe winters, rainy spring and hot summer we show up with the right products for the job.  We only use paint that is specially designed for asphalt application.

2. Plan & Measure

Before any paint is applied, a plan that encompasses the size of the parking spaces and lanes is imperative.  ADA compliance and any other regulations that affect your city will be incorporated into the plan.  In addition to lines, we will also plan for symbols such as handicap spaces and arrows to direct traffic.  

Once the design is complete on paper it needs to be carefully measured and laid out on your parking lot surface.

3. Line Painting

Now that we have meticulously mapped out your plan it is time to start painting.  Although this task can be done by hand, we have a line striping machine that makes the job go much easier.  It also helps us to put down perfectly straight lines.  Our top-of-the-line line striper has a laser to ensure 100% accuracy with just the pull of a trigger.

4. Let It Dry

Now that the lines have been painted and your parking lot looks complete, there is still one last step.  Until the paint dries it will be susceptible to damage, so we make sure to barricade the area with cones and ribbon until the paint is fully dried.  Seal Tech also has you covered when it comes to signage, bollards, wheel stops and bumper blocks.  If it relates to a safe, well-marked parking lot we have what you need.

Line Striping ADA Compliant
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