Asphalt Paving

Seal Tech can handle your commercial asphalt needs whether you require resurfacing, milling and paving or a completely new asphalt parking lot installation. Our customers like that they have one company to handle all their parking lot needs from new asphalt paving to ongoing maintenance and repairs. We have the equipment and crew for large scale commercial asphalt projects.
To know the appropriate solution for your parking lot surface, we will conduct a thorough site inspection. We will assess any damage such as cracks or potholes, look for any soft spots or drainage issues. At times it is appropriate to simply do some patching, fill any cracks and sealcoat. Other times you will be best served by resurfacing your lot with 2 inches of fresh hot pave asphalt mix. If your parking lot life has already been extended with these options, it may be time to completely mill the existing asphalt and replace it with fresh asphalt.

Asphalt Paving at a local school

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